Less than ten weeks to go

Time for a bit of an update! Things are moving with an increasing and sometimes unnerving speed. We currently plan to leave the UK in the second week of July so that we will reach Courmettes before the big national holiday of 14 July. And yes, that is less than ten weeks away.

The main developments have been as follows:

  • We have sold the house (the paperwork is still going through), and we have booked movers to take our possessions — some to store until we find somewhere else to put them, some to store for a few weeks until they are shipped to us in France.
  • We’ve been offered a slightly larger apartment at Courmettes than the one we originally thought we’d be living in, with a terrace which we hope to use in some of the 300 days of sun a year (not that we’re trying to make you jealous). As it’s basically a two-room apartment, this extra space will be very welcome.
  • Chris has already started to get involved in writing grant proposals for funding, both for Courmettes and for work in the Mediterranean area in general.
  • Both of us now feel we are in the last phases of our employment. Chris has almost finished teaching and Alison ends her part-time admin job at the end of May.
  • We have been relinquishing some of the many tasks and positions we have outside work : church, guiding, etc.

However, we’ve still got lots of things to sort out, and we’re not just talking about all our books, CDs, etc, but practical things such car, insurance, bank accounts, health cover and so on. Modern life is astonishingly complex! There are still lots of people we need to inform of our move, subscriptions to cancel … We could go on, but it would be quite a long list.

So, for those of you that pray, we would welcome your prayers. These are exciting but also challenging times.

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One Response to Less than ten weeks to go

  1. Jeff Stadden says:

    Chris and Alison,
    I’ve been praying for you, and am delighted to see how our Mighty God has been answering the prayers of His people. I am sure you have received intercession from many saints all over the world. Love in Christ, my friends,

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