Empty shelves and full boxes


In the midst of packing boxes, filling bin bags and completing an apparently endless number of forms, we thought we ought to update the blog. Everyone says that moving is stressful – everybody is right. There are consolations and novelties – the discovery of that floppy disk which went so problematically missing in 1998, the Betamax video tape that no-one can copy, the endless piles of books entitled ‘Contemporary Issues’ that are now a decade out of date, and various bits of correspondence that we really did mean to answer. Plus at least a dozen miscellaneous leads for electronic stuff which may, or may not, be useful. Still, we are making progress. And of course there are all the utility companies we need to inform, the forms we need to acquire.

We have started to say goodbye to friends and places. Alison finished work at the end of May and was able to show some photos of Courmettes and talk a bit about what we’re going to be doing in France. We have had meals with a number of close friends and have more planned. Our ‘official’ farewell to the church and Alison’s with Guiding are still to come. And we’ve been doing some of our favourite Gower walks for the last time.

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1 Response to Empty shelves and full boxes

  1. Hi Chris! Hope you are well and getting ready for the big move?! Phew, it might be a bit hot in June in that South of France?? Just a quick note to say if you need a BETAMAX tape transferred, bring it in and we’ll give it a go!

    All the best, Rob Long

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