Leaving Swansea

Swansea has been a major part of both our lives. Chris first lived there while doing his PhD; Alison first went there 10 years later after we came back from Lebanon the first time. Our boys were mostly brought up there; we attended church first at Parklands, then at Pantygwydr where we were supported, encouraged and welcomed by the church families there. We have so many friends, we love so many places. In our last weeks we walked many of our favourite Gower walks in the sort of beautiful sunshine which makes people wonder why they’d go anywhere else on holiday.

But the photo below is a another reminder — a photo taken from our car as we drove out of Swansea a couple of days ago. Yes, it does rain in South Wales (as members of our family have regularly commented in our visitor book over the years). Even though we will miss our friends in Swansea, we are looking forward to the sunshine of the south of France, where we should be in a few days time.

m4 in rain


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One Response to Leaving Swansea

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m expecting to feel jealous next week when you post a picture of your sunny balcony. It’s still raining in Swansea today.

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