One week on

So, we have been at Les Courmettes for a week, although in some ways it seems much longer. There have been a number of achievements this week: we have managed to improve our French in a number of small ways, we have set up a French bank account (very important!), and we have started, with the others here, to put together the framework for a life with shared meals and facilities. And, apart from a few half-hearted storms, the weather has been glorious, with our height making it very pleasant compared to the coast. We have had two days of explorations looking for possible houses. Barely restrained laughter from estate agents in the Alpes-Maritimes department when we tell them how much we have to spend has confirmed that we will probably have to look further west in the Var region. Watch this space.

We have started to become used to the bizarre sensation of saying “Let’s take the Cannes road” or “We need to avoid the turning to St Tropez”. We went to Holy Trinity Cannes last Sunday and thoroughly appreciated the service (and the lunch afterwards). We will probably make it our spiritual home.

Appropriately, for an environment centre, we have had a number of encounters with wildlife: a frog in our living room; the toad in permanent residence in one of the public toilets (Chris has nicknamed him Gove); we have just had a large sheepdog the size of a small bear turn up and try to drink the goldfish pond dry. There was an eagle over the centre the other day and the fireflies in the evening are wonderful. There are also plenty of wonderful butterflies and other insects enjoying the various flowers.

Next week we’ll post something about the team. In the meantime, a few pictures:

the toad in the toilet


the frog that invaded our living room

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3 Responses to One week on

  1. Robin Beiers says:

    Exciting news.
    R & A

  2. Antoine Haddad says:

    wonderful expedition

  3. Pam Hodson says:

    Thanks for the update and smashing photos!

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