A cool week on the Côte d’Azur

Yes, while the UK has been enjoying a heatwave and associated storms, we have been having cloudy weather and even rain, which is very unusual for the time of year. As many people keep saying: “C’est bizarre!” To show you how green it is, here’s a photo showing some of the “prairies” (upland meadows) where the sheep and goats graze. You can just spot the roof of Les Courmettes in the middle distance.

Courmettes prairies

We also promised you a photo of the new team, so here we are. Jean-François and Claire Mouhot (pronounced Moo-oh) with their three children, Anna, Paul and Hugo, and Paul Burkhardt. The two Mouhot boys were born in Birmingham and are very similar in age to our own Birmingham grandsons.

Achievements of this week have been: continuing to settle in, getting our French visa cards, Alison now has a French phone number, and exploring various places to see where we might buy a house. And of course we continue to expand our French vocabulary.


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4 Responses to A cool week on the Côte d’Azur

  1. Miguel says:

    Dear Chris & Alison: Great news! Good to learn that you are gradually settling down. After a quick browse over your recent photos, we “envy” your luck (in the Souther Hemisphere we are having a cold winter)… Congratulations, and all the best for what comes ahead! Miguel & Susana XXXX

  2. coastcard says:

    Thank you for keeping us in the picture … David and Caroline (& it’s certainly hot here in Suffolk!)

  3. Good to learn all goes well. Our climate and landforms knowledge of your new homeland is continually updated ! cloud and drizzle is Welsh weather! Prairies are in Saskatchewan!

    Clive and Jean

  4. Dot Stone says:

    Great to hear your news!! Thanks

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