A busy week

There was general agreement amongst the team here that getting bored at Les Courmettes was not probable.  There’s always something novel or bizarre.

But let’s start with the ‘big bizarre’: Cannes. We have decided that it’s fun to go down early to church on Sunday. It’s much easier to get car parking and you can walk along the seafront gawping at the cars, the in-your-face displays of wealth and the perpetual efforts of the young and good-looking to stay eternally young good-looking and bronzed by jogging, walking or roller-skating along the seafront. Even the locals talk about it as being a ‘bling’ place and it’s hard to disagree. It’s actually quite a relief to go to church. Not for nothing is the vicar going to be running a series of expositions of Ecclesiastes when we have the weekend away in September; as the book says: ‘vanity of vanity; all is vanity.’ And that fits Cannes very well.


In between doing all sorts of bits of work, getting Alison’s mobile up and running and starting the process of registering for the French health service we have managed to have a couple of walks above the chateau.  There are fantastic views: if you look to the east you can see the edge of the Italian Alps plunging down to the sea. To the west, the complex series of ranges including the Esterel and Maures Massifs that run out towards Toulon. It’s a great view as the sun sets.


From above Courmettes looking towards the Bay of Cannes and the Esterel

The weather has remained fickle to say the least and although we weren’t there, Tuesday saw very heavy rain and a hail storm lash the centre. July has been unusually wet over most of France but temperatures have actually been slightly higher.

We spent our two days off in the week (we largely seem to work Saturday and Sunday afternoon) house-hunting to the west.  All very interesting and one or two nice looking properties but at the moment we find ourselves a bit daunted by the long distances and the winding roads that can make even a 40km trip last for the best part of an hour. So we may start to look around locally for something less desirable but much closer. Prayer valued!

One other very important piece of news this week was the arrival of about nearly 40 boxes of our possessions, including books, printer, winter clothes and kitchen items. Even if everything else remains in store this should keep us going well through the winter.


And finally, we couldn’t resist adding a swallowtail butterfly picture.


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