Chalets, houses and midnight visitors

First, a follow up from last week’s blog, Alison’s shoulder is much improved and we didn’t quite draw a line under house-hunting.

We had a very agreeable church weekend away at a campsite near St Paul en Forêt, about an hour’s drive away. We all stayed in small chalets set in lovely woodlands, where we could eat breakfast on the little terrace, and enjoyed the swimming pool.  Giles the vicar took us through the Ecclesiastes and managed to avoid many of the pitfalls of what is a very tricky biblical book. Full marks Giles. It’s the first church weekend we’ve been where champagne has been served – one of the couples present was celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary.


Wednesday was our day off and we did a long trip west to what seemed a very promising house.  Well the reality was different and if wasn’t too hard to find a number of problems even if the location was delightful (it wasn’t far from St Tropez). In the end we managed to see another two houses with the same verdict: both were suitable for someone but not for us. We will definitely be having a house-hunt break for a few days because Chris is off to the Czech Republic for an A Rocha meeting. In the last week he has had encouraging news on possible new projects in Cyprus and Lebanon.

What else? We were woken midway through Thursday night by what sounded like a rugby scrum outside.  We sneaked outside and flicked the switch on the torch.  It was a wild boar sow and at least six young grubbing around by the nearby plum tree. They took off in a hurry with squeaks and grunts. With that productivity is no wonder the hunters need to reduce the numbers.

A couple of photos to end with from around the site.

P1060608The spectacular red and black moth is a type of day-flying Burnet Moth, which goes by the splendid name of Zygaena fausta. The tree is a very ancient Chêne vert or Holm oak (Quercus ilex) on the edge of the Pic des Courmettes, thought to be around 1,000 years old.




Sorry, no wild boar photos!





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3 Responses to Chalets, houses and midnight visitors

  1. Vickie Lawday says:

    Alison- sorry to hear about your shoulder hope it gets better soon
    Missing you love your blogs

  2. Jeff Stadden says:

    I love your blog posts! You write so well. Perhaps you should write a novel about a Welsh couple who move to France? You’d have plenty of material to work from.


  3. Annie Hoglind says:

    An extra-ordinary place to live in! Fortunate!

    Sent from my iPhone


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