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The road to the coast

All in all it’s been a good week. We have continued our unpacking, and although the order of books in the bookcases definitely be improved, largely speaking there is now only one room that needs to be sorted out. The … Continue reading

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A week of three halves

The French think that the British like France because of the fine food, excellent weather and French hospitality. Possibly true but one other reason is that, for people of a certain age, France reminds them of the Britain of their … Continue reading

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The rally

We had an interesting day on Sunday. First of all we had our bishop at church in Cannes for some confirmations. Technically, for those who like such things, he is the Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe and is the ‘ordinary … Continue reading

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Settling in

The second week of being in a new house is often frustrating. The enormously satisfying progress of the first few days is replaced by the feeling of ‘What on earth have I got to show for the last hour’s work?’ … Continue reading

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Making the move

This week we moved house. To cut a long story short it went better than we had any right to expect – blame our lack of faith. So if you are expecting tales of high drama we are sorry. We … Continue reading

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