Cold and damp in Provence

Yes, it’s been a grey week here in Taradeau. And throughout the region in fact. We haven’t had the really heavy snow of northern Spain and Italy, just cloud and rain. Quite like Wales really… From our house we can see snow on the Massif des Maures to the south.

Snow on the Massif des Maures from our house (with the telephoto lens)

Snow on the Massif des Maures from our house (with the telephoto lens)

On Thursday we made the trip to Courmettes. There were plenty of snowy peaks to be seen from the motorway as we headed east, although there wasn’t more than a thin cover of snow on the Pic de Courmettes itself. Up there the light rain turned to rather wet snow, which came lazily down but didn’t stick.


We were encouraged by our meetings with various people at Courmettes. Alison showed someone round the house (he’s planning a weekend visit in May to celebrate an anniversary). Fortunately all his difficult questions had already been answered by Jean-François as her French only covers the basic tour. It’s good to know that every weekend from March until mid September has already been booked for different events, and there are also some groups visiting for longer periods, during the week. We are hoping to host more church groups, and there’s a big event planned for them in May. And with more volunteers and team members expected, we may have the happy problem of trying to fit everyone into the available accommodation.


Time to go

Time to go

We’d planned to stay up at Courmettes until about three in the afternoon. But after lunch, we realised that the snowflakes had turned into the more serious, heavy, sort, so we said our goodbyes and headed down the mountain. By the time we’d dropped 200 m it was sleeting, and the motorway was simply wet. Still, today made up for it (but that’s another story) and the forecast is sun for next week.

And finally, because we’ve posted so many photos of it in the sunshine….

Looking across the Gorges du Loup to Gourdon

Looking across the Gorges du Loup to Gourdon


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