AGMs and a family visit

The weekend after Easter we attended two AGMs. The first took place at Courmettes, and was the Assemblée Générale for A Rocha France. Some board members and a few others were unavoidably absent, but it was good to see so many members and friends gathered together, from the team at A Rocha France’s other centre, Les Tourades, near Arles, as well as from Courmettes. In fact as there was also a church group there for the weekend, the place was full of people. We had a big communal meal together, including pizzas made in the old wood-burning oven that’s in part of the Courmettes complex.



Gathering for the A Rocha AGM

As usual with an AGM, the first part of the meeting was a report of the year from the president of the A Rocha France board. We confess to not following all the French, but it was nevertheless encouraging to hear about what’s been happening over the year. Particularly, last year of course saw the new team at Courmettes, and there is a new manager for the centre coming into position in August (more on this in later posts; ; he is not replacing, but will be in addition to Jean-François). The president’s report was followed by one on all the scientific work that’s gone on during the year. As a conservation organisation A Rocha needs to do scientific studies, and there are many ongoing projects and plans for more (we’ll be posting on some of these as well).

The next day, Sunday, was the AGM for Holy Trinity, after the morning service. We have to say that it was the shortest church AGM we have ever attended! During the meeting we were both, along with three others, voted onto the church council. This only meets six times a year but we feel it’s a good way for us to serve the church. Alison has also applied for the French equivalent of the DBS check (and for yet another British one) since she’s helping in Sunday club.

After that AGM, we headed off to Nice airport to meet Alison’s mother, sister and brother-in-law, who we were delighted to welcome to the south of France and to our house.


Market day in Flayosc

Having visitors is a great excuse to go and visit all sorts of places, and we have plenty of extremely photogenic little villages nearby. On our first trip on the Monday our first stop had the added bonus of it being market day, with stalls selling everything from fruit and veg to tablecloths and spices. Our longest trip was a day out to Cannes and then Courmettes, with a stop at the Auberge des Gorges du Loup for lunch. Sitting on their terrace, you have a great view across the valley and to the perched village of Gourdon above. However, we also looked down on Gourdon when we then took the road up to Courmettes.

On the road up to Courmettes; Gourdon is in the background

On the road up to Courmettes; Gourdon is in the background

Other highlights included making use of our swimming pool for the first time (even if it was cold getting in!), using the table on our covered terrace for meals, and just generally enjoying being with the family. We said goodbye to them at the end of the week, and then it was Chris’ turn to pack and go to the airport, for a visit to Cyprus. But that’s next week’s blog.

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