Spring turning into summer

We’ve had a very busy time this week with a visit from our younger son Mark, his wife Alice, and Thomas the toddler. We will probably post some photos next week. Between showing them around we have been busy: Chris has been taking time to write and rewrite the Cyprus report and trying to make progress on a seemingly unending list of things to be done.

We also have been trying to get the internet working properly; despite changing providers, it’s still painfully slow and frequently collapses altogether. It’s a bit prosperous really because we are hardly in deep France: stand on the balcony and you can hear both traffic on the motorway and trains on the fast TGV rail line. Anyway we have, at last, got a technician coming out on Monday to try and see if the problem can be resolved.

This field is very near our house.

This field is very near our house.

Out in the natural world what is interesting is how fast spring is turning to summer. The swallows have been here for a while and the swifts are screaming overhead. As for the plants, it’s almost as if they realise that they only have a few weeks before the temperature rockets up and the ground starts to bake, so that their growth has a certain desperate urgency. A particular delight has been the vast fields of poppies which are so densely studied with crimson that photographs look utterly improbable.  So here are a few images and apologies for not giving full botanical names: we’ve been busy trying to make sure that Thomas doesn’t fall into the swimming pool.


At Courmettes, on the edge of the Gorges du Loup

At Courmettes, on the edge of the Gorges du Loup

And finally, though not really to do with the seasons, we went to the Gorges du Verdon and managed to look down on a Griffon vulture

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  1. Pam Hodson says:

    Delightful pictures!

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