A pictorial miscellany

We always have more photos than we can put in our blogs, so this week we thought we’d show you some of the ‘missing’ ones.


Tintin fans may find this familiar. It’s actually near Fréjus, but Hergé used a picture of it as the basis for the tower in The Black Island.


Library on the beach at Nice: borrow a book to read while sunbathing

A type of wasp spider (Argiope bruennichi) which has its web in our garden. This is the female: its body is about 2.5 cm long and as wide as an average pencil.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery two years the neighbouring village of Les Arcs goes medieval, with a huge camp, market and lots of other activities. As you can see, the reconstruction is taken very seriously (yes, that is real chain mail).

We couldn’t fit this view from Cap Taillat into last week’s blog. (You probably need to open it in a new window to see it properly.)



The amazing Gorges du Verdon from one of the viewpoints. We hope to do the full walk along the bottom of the gorge later in the year.


Bird ringing at Courmettes: Timothée Schwartz, A Rocha France’s science officer, releasing a small bird from one of the mist nets.

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2 Responses to A pictorial miscellany

  1. Pam Hodson says:

    I enjoy reading your weekly news. What spectacular photos! Love to you both from California.

  2. Júlio Reis says:

    The panorama from Cap Taillat is stunning…!

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