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A quick trip across the border

Last week we celebrated 35 years of marriage which these days seems to be sufficiently unusual that we half expected we might get a telegram from the Queen. We thought of giving ourselves a week’s holiday in Provence as a … Continue reading

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New arrivals

After a grey March and early April, spring is most definitely upon us. Actually, you have to take care to enjoy spring here because now summer seems to bulldoze it out of the way almost as soon as it is … Continue reading

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Some explorations (2)

As we mentioned last week, we had a friend visiting recently and used her as an excuse to go to visit various local sights. Something that always gets into the tourist brochures and articles about Provence (and other parts of France … Continue reading

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Some explorations (1)

One of the nice things about having visitors is not just that you are prompted to go out and do things but you can actually end up feel quite good about yourself rather than self-indulgent. Visitors give you an excuse … Continue reading

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Spring at Courmettes

We haven’t blogged much on Courmettes recently. It’s not that we haven’t been up there during the last few months, but over the winter, there hasn’t been a lot to write about. Actually, there’s been a lot of ongoing work on … Continue reading

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