Spring at Courmettes

DSCN1294We haven’t blogged much on Courmettes recently. It’s not that we haven’t been up there during the last few months, but over the winter, there hasn’t been a lot to write about. Actually, there’s been a lot of ongoing work on the infrastructure which is nearing completion as the new season starts for events at Courmettes. So here’s a quick round-up of some of the things that are in process:

The flooring in the marquee needed replacing. It should have boards on it by the time you read this! And preparations had been made before winter for an access ramp for the disabled – the concrete has been laid and the ends are being tidied up, but as it winds round the entire building it’s impossible to photograph the whole thing!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


A new kitchen in the chateau has been planned for a long time, and is now finally coming into its final stages. The large catering kitchen is too big for most groups, but the kitchen in the common area is too small if a group of over 15 come to stay. Now there’ll be a new dining room and kitchen, and it also means that two groups could stay at time, using the two different kitchens.

Before any other work could be done, scaffolding for insulation had to go up in the new kitchen.

Before any other work could be done, scaffolding for insulation had to go up in the new kitchen.

And this is what the kitchen looks like now it's nearly finished.

And this is what the kitchen looks like now it’s nearly finished. Yes it really is the same room.








Then there’s the upgrading of gas, electricity and fire systems before a visit from the safety commission visit, complete renovation of two bedrooms damaged by water ingress… In the meantime, some of the science studies still go on.

The Eagles are coming and

The eagles are coming … yes it’s migration time over the Cote d’Azur

Some of the events planned for this summer (in addition to the 20+ weddings and other family celebrations at weekends) are a summer course on creation theology in partnership with Regent College Vancouver (Chris will be doing some of the teaching for this), two nature camps (one for 7-12s and the other for 13-17s) and a “Courmettes Discovery Week”, plus the Fete de Courmettes at the end of May. To find out more, do visit the excellent Courmettes website.

Snow on the mountains behind Courmettes

Snow on the mountains behind Courmettes

All the renovation work that’s being done is to make Courmettes even better as a place for people to visit and stay at, and to be used to give more people a vision for God’s creation and our place in its care.

And finally…

Our younger son Mark is walking round all of London (not all at once) on the London Capital Ring footpath to raise money for Home for Good’s Mile for Every Child Appeal. Mark now works for Home for Good, a charity raising awareness of the need for foster and adoptive parents; they are particularly concerned at the moment with unaccompanied child refugees. Read his blog on the walk and if you can and would like to, support him.

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