A Courmettes wedding

As we have mentioned more than once, Les Courmettes is widely used as a setting for wedding celebrations. A reminder here to those of you unfamiliar with the French situation: French marriages fall into two parts. The first is the official secular ceremony with the mayor at the local mairie. No French marriage is legal unless this has happened. The second part (optional) is any sort of religious ceremony. Celebrations may occur after either!

When a wedding party arrive at Courmettes, sometimes it’s straight from the mairie, sometimes they come after an additional ceremony in a church, and sometimes, they hold the religious ceremony at Courmettes itself. Courmettes is extremely popular for celebrations because with almost no neighbours, you can make a lot of noise until well into the early morning. Everyone can then fall into bed and have most of Sunday to recover before heading back down the hill.

The marquee set up for an evening meal

The marquee set up for an evening meal

and from the inside

and from the inside

Hitherto, all the celebrations at Courmettes have basically been of outsiders. All well and good, but we rarely see them again. Last weekend was however special because it was very much a Courmettes/A Rocha family affair. David Nussbaumer came to join the team over a year ago to help with administration, but has contributed a lot to the bird studies. Aline Porteus came about twelve months ago to work on the marine programme. Their relationship blossomed rapidly, and it was a particular pleasure to attend their wedding celebrations at Courmettes.

Here are some photos from the religious ceremony (mostly in French, but with some English, since although she is French, Aline has lived in England for most of her life), the post-ceremony drinks and cakes, and the evening meal with a string of speeches, songs and sketches, in the marquee. Tremendous fun, although it was rather cold. We wish David and Aline all the best for their future life together.

the bridesmaid

the bridesmaid

enter the bride...

and the bride…

exchanging rings

exchanging rings

Before all the group photos on the lawn

Before all the group photos on the lawn. And yes, there were goats.

Drinks and cake

Drinks and cake

Aline's father is talking about her as a child

Aline’s father is talking about her as a child

David's cousins performing a sketch

David’s cousins performing a sketch

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1 Response to A Courmettes wedding

  1. Júlio Reis says:

    My oh my, it seems like there are enough cousins to fill the marquee! All the best for the newlyweds.

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