Return to the Oppidum

What with one thing and another, we weren’t able to join in the first couple of this season’s Saturday morning work parties at the Taradeau oppidum, the fortified settlement that goes back to the time of Asterix. However we have made up for it in the last two weeks. Mind you, at this time in December, our early start means we’re getting up to the site in time for sunrise, enabling Chris to take some great early-morning photos of the mists in the valley below.



The sun has risen a bit higher and you can see the area of our house on the right-hand side

We posted Google Earth images of what the site looked like before we started and what it looked like in April this year (if you click on the links, the photos are somewhere near the middle or end of the blogs). As you can see from the photos below, we are steadily clearing more of the walls. We’re encouraged by some new members of the team, and a generous donation from a  Dutch association enabling us to buy another professional strimmer.



All these branches are to go on the bonfire; Alison’s job is feeding the fire


No one has any idea what this circle of stones is, and it’s not on the archaeological plan


Gradually the other walls emerge


The team!


And finally, a photo taken from just above our house. The oppidum is on the hill above the tower and chapel which you can see on the left of the photo.

And finally, as we come to the start of the Christmas season, we would both like to wish all of you, whether friends or casual visitors to the site, every best wish for Christmas and 2017. We will be posting on Christmas Eve, but not after that until 8th January.



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1 Response to Return to the Oppidum

  1. Hilary Newman says:

    That first picture of the mists in the valley is amazing! I so look forward to your posts each week, but we will all be busy over Christmas and the new year, so enjoy your break. I wish you both a very happy Christmas and peace and prosperity in 2017.

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