2016 miscellany

We thought that we’d take the opportunity in our last blog for 2016 to include a few photos that didn’t make it into previous posts, usually because something more topical or interesting turned up.

So, although we’ve posted various picture of the spectacular Gorges du Verdon, we didn’t include any from our descent in August to the bottom of the gorge where we found an excellent place for a picnic lunch and were able to watch the canoeists pass on their way down to Lac Sainte Croix.


medieval bridge of the Siagne

medieval bridge of the Siagne

Later in the year we descended another gorge to the river Siagne, where there’s a medieval bridge. As so often round here it’s built high to take the water from intense Mediterranean storms. The bridge links two communities but it’s a long hot climb down and up again!


In complete contrast, we one of the walks we took with the walking group was on the plain of the Maures, quite near us, where there’s a ‘Pont Romain’ (actually another medieval bridge), which now goes nowhere as the modern road now parallels what must have been the old one (you can just see it in the photo).


Further afield, we’ve decided that we must go back to Antibes some time, though whether the Picasso museum is worth visiting we haven’t found out. The museum is in the buildings around the tower and you can see the strong outer fortification of the old town.


Recently we had the opportunity to take part in a special guided tour of Draguignan, our nearest town. Despite the claims that the town’s name derives from a local dragon said to have been killed by a bishop in around the 5th century, it probably has a Roman origin. Still, the town’s emblem has a dragon on it and among many dragon sculptures/paintings around the town is this one in the town hall showing the bishop conquering the dragon.


And having previously walked up to and admired the old bell tower in Draguinan, on this tour we got the opportunity to go up it, giving us some fine views.



And here’s one of the two bells

Finally, thank you again for reading the blog, and again, all best wishes for Christmas and 2017.

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