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Toulon (again)

Toulon, the great French Mediterranean naval port, is our nearest city and where the Prefecture of our department (Var) is.  (Apparently because Napoleon was afraid the British would seize Toulon  he moved the prefecture inland to Draguignan and it was … Continue reading

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The end of winter

From the end of last week we had about four days of thick wintry cloud, low temperatures with intermittent and half-hearted rain. Although such periods are not totally unknown in this area it was unusual enough to be commented on … Continue reading

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Short walks in a grey month

We gather the weather over much of western Europe has apparently been colder, wetter and greyer than for a number of years. It certainly has been so with us and that has kept us indoors more than usual. We’ve also … Continue reading

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Last Saturday was a grey drab day with rain looming and the Oppidum work party was cancelled. We needed to get out of the house so, on something of an impulse, we decided to head over to Aix-en-Provence. We’d visited … Continue reading

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