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A brief blog

Owing to some family crises (email us if you want to know more), we thought we’d just post some pictures from our garden. We succeeded in eradicating all the small aloe plants which spring from this giant one. Note the … Continue reading

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Fête des violettes

If you read anything about the history of Provence, you soon realise that until the 1960s, everywhere beyond the coastal strip was very rural, little known and rather impoverished . Making a living in these upland regions was pretty difficult. One … Continue reading

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Meetings at Courmettes

Given its altitude (850 m), Courmettes operates on what is pretty much a skeleton staff from end November to February. With spring coming, as witnessed by blossom and the first orchid, it’s becoming busy again. On occasions, very busy. We … Continue reading

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Aups and up

The other Saturday, there being no oppidum work party on account of school holidays, and the weather being still sunny and brilliantly clear, we headed north for a walk. We stopped at Aups to buy lunch. Although it’s only 30 … Continue reading

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