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The French elections part one

We promise to return to pretty pictures fairly soon but given the significance of the French presidential contest we thought it might be worth making some observations from down here. The ‘down here’ bit is significant because most of the … Continue reading

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Cap Lardier

After the panics of March, the subsequent catching up on work and the family visit in early April, it was rather nice to have a visitor this week and do four days of walking in our area. Contrary to the … Continue reading

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Selective visions of France

We have had number two son and family here last week. Their first child, Thomas, is three and of an age where all he wants is to go to the beach. And so for six days we obliged, including Cannes, … Continue reading

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Cannes makes preparations

After a hectic and profoundly stressful three weeks involving two successive crisis visits to a frequently cloudy and chill UK we were rather hoping to come back to a sun-drenched south of France where we could relax and de-stress in … Continue reading

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A bit of a saga

Something that has been increasingly looming over our time in France has been the welfare of Chris’s parents in northern England.With both of them in their late 80s and with no nearby family, their slowly failing health and vigour has … Continue reading

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