June miscellany

Yes, we know that it’s July, but we’ve got a number of photos that didn’t make it into previous blogs, so we thought we’d include them in this one.

One of the new projects at Courmettes this year is bee-keeping, and here is the person in charge giving a demonstration to a group.

And here’s the big dining room and staff accommodation at Courmettes at night

We’ve been taking French classes all this year and we ended with a get-together at our lovely teacher’s home. Here she’s being presented with a gift, and below is most of the group having a tour of their garden. Students come from the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Russia!


Huge plane tree and old well near the River Argens

We’ve no idea why the air ambulance spent an hour or so in a field next to our house…

and finally…

Beautiful prickly pear on Cap Dramont. Trouble is, it’s an alien invader from South America which doesn’t really belong in this Mediterranean nature reserve



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1 Response to June miscellany

  1. Grand father says:

    Hi, Always enjoy your posts. The prickly pair is, I recall, translated as the figue de barbarie. The Barbary coast is North Africa. Strange!

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