Late summer miscellany

We often find that we start to think of a new blog and realise we’ve got lots of good photos which don’t really fit into one particular theme. So here are some sights of the later summer.

The level of terrorist threat meant that armed soldiers on the beach didn’t surprise anyone.

Parking is always slightly crazy in the summer but this was a little excessive…

An amazing caterpillar in our garden (no, we don’t know what it turns into). A friend says she thinks its a Swallowtail caterpillar and she’s right! See her comment below.

It was warm enough at the end of August for Alison to try a night swim.

Flying back from a family visit to the UK, you could see the coast road all along the Esterel. And more from the air below:

Cap d’Antibes has some of the most expensive real estate along the Côte d’Azur and here’s some multi-millionaire’s idea of a luxury estate with a tree-lined avenue leading from the partly underground house to the swimming pool. Meanwhile, ordinary people seem to be perfectly happy with the Mediterranean.

And finally, no, not a French naval vessel but Roman Abramovich’s yacht The Eclipse. It has its own Wikipedia page, it’s worth $340 million and has two helicopter pads.


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2 Responses to Late summer miscellany

  1. Elizabeth Catherwood says:

    Wonderful pictures !

  2. sjy9 says:

    The caterpillar you found may be a Swallowtail. (I once painted its lifecycle for some display boards at Cruzinha!)

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