Joyeux Noël !

We thought we’d post some Christmas pictures, in no particular order.

There’s a long tradition in France of local fire units coming round and giving you a rather amateur calendar in return for a donation: fair enough, the death and injury toll amongst French fire​​men ​(and firewomen?) ​is pretty high. This ​however ​was spotted in the local supermarket and suggests that an era of professionalism of some kind is under way in the area of calendars.​ We hope the profits do go to the Fire​ Brigade.


Cyclamens are everywhere and make a splendid show.




Good taste tends to be parked at Christmas time and anything is acceptable as long as it is covered with synthetic snow.

Chris spotted this in a shop window in Cannes and careful examination reveals that there is no mistake in the price and a decimal point has not been displaced: it really is €23,450. Does it come with a car?  He is not getting it for a present.





We have had family with us in the run-up to Christmas and the weather has obliged. This was Mark and Thomas paddling at St Raphael on 21 December. They enjoyed it: we just watched.

At the Lorgues fellowship carol service (at which Chris spoke), it was warm enough to stand around outside afterwards for drinks and nibbles.

And the final picture brings us down to earth. Since the appalling lorry attack in Nice on 14 July 2016, it has become customary in France to fence off almost every area of social gathering with large concrete blocks. The challenge – and it’s far from easy – is to try to make them as attractive as possible. Well it’s a reminder ​that ​the world we live in is a fallen and broken place and that’s exactly why we need Christmas.

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