Spring retrospective

Last week we were in the UK to see our remaining parents and for the interment of Chris’ mum’s ashes. Meteorologically it was all very curious. We left the south of France still struggling into early spring and we came back six days later to find that summer had started. Indeed, yesterday (27 April) we actually swam in our pool. So, before the long cold wet spring becomes merely a distant memory, here are some photos.

These was taken above Draguignan on 10 April. You can see rain moving in across the Massif des Maures. Further down the hill the slopes were covered with irises.

Above Draguignan with cloud and rain moving in from Massif des Maures

Irises on the hill above Draguignan

These photos below were taken above Lac Ste Croix on 14 April not long after more cold rain had brought snow to the higher hill. The level of water is more than simply a scenic feature, it confirms that the vital reservoir for the region is now full – we may be able to keep filling our swimming pool in summer.

Lac Ste Croix full of water with snow on the hills in the distance

Snow on the mountains above Gorges du Verdon, above Lac Ste Croix

Finally, flying back from the UK, Chris was able to take a photo of our house from the air. Follow the road from left to right over the green fields near the top centre of the picture and come to a house surrounded by green. Ours is the next house as you move to the right.

La Pouponne from the air

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