Caring for Courmettes

Weather-wise things have been very strange here. After one short day in which the temperature was warm enough for us to swim in the pool, rain and cloud has continued. In one sense we are very grateful for this – everywhere is wonderfully green – but it’s amazing, after getting used to daily sun, how spirit-dampening repeated days of grey cloud may seem.

We have been up to Courmettes twice in the past ten days; mainly it’s been so that Chris can give his celebrated walk on the landscape, history and geology, which everyone enjoys. It has however allowed us to see some of the continuing work going on at Courmettes.

Roman road on Domaine des Courmettes

On the curve of the Roman road that runs through the domaine

After the major (and very welcome) roof refurbishment, French, Swiss and Dutch volunteers have been working steadily to tidy up the inside and do some of the long-needed maintenance around the main buildings. With the wedding season about to start, it’s been an enormous relief to see the work programme completed in time. Well done to all!

Courmettes volunteers gardening in the mist

Working on flowerbeds in the mist

Here’s a selection of photos. The first week we were up the cloud was down (rather disappointing for the walk as we didn’t get the great views), and the second it was merely a little cloudy.

Courmettes volunteers helping to build a stone wall

Building a stone wall behind the marquee that’s used for weddings

The new sustainable garden is taking shape

The Dutch group created new paths outside the old building

And finally, you may not think this picture is very significant, but it shows that the entrance to the car park no longer has huge holes in it. It’s being repaired courtesy of the local authorities.

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