Avoiding Cannes Film Festival

At the end of two weeks in which the phrase “Cannes Festival” has not been far away from the front page of the world’s press, we have a terrible confession to make. Along with almost everybody in our church, a mere 200 metres from the Palais des Festivals, we find it actually a nuisance.

Putting up this year’s poster: note the man on the left.

rolling out a red carpet at Cannes

Not THE red carpet, but you can’t let the jury walk up ordinary steps

That all-important selfie


Roads are sealed off, there are limousines everywhere, you’re in permanent danger of being run over by self-important people with badges, and parking becomes even more difficult than usual. Indeed, we saw one incident where someone from the film world felt they could hold up an entire line of traffic while, getting into their limousine, they paused to make a phone call. Ah what it is to be a god amongst mere mortals. Actually we did have a number of festival attendees come into church and that was great.

You can tell which are the popular films which people want to watch.

Man in white suit near red carpet

You have to be dressed right for Cannes

Although we were only there briefly on the Sunday mornings before and during the festival, there do seem to have been both literal and metaphorical clouds hanging over it this year. We fell sure you’ve picked up that there have been a number of people who are conspicuous by their absence, including Harvey, Kevin, Woody and Roman. It also seems there’s been a shortage of films to get really excited about. Perhaps more obviously it was that actually, sunshine has been in short supply. Certainly the two days when we popped by were cloudy and rainy. Nevertheless, it’s fascinating to be the proverbial fly on the wall and seeing everyone running about getting excited about who knows what.

Anyway it’s now over for another year. Hurrah!

No he’s not proposing, he’s getting her to pose for a photograph

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