An Inclement May

Astonishingly it has continued to be rather cold, cloudy and wet this month. Here of course excess rain (in moderation) is something of a blessing rather than a curse and the result has been an extraordinary explosion of plants and flowers at a time of year when normally they are beginning to wither and fade . The poppies in particular have been astonishingly spectacular.


So far the wet weather has been good for the vines, but people are saying that unless it gets drier and sunnier very soon then matters will be difficult. What really worries farmers is the possibility of hail storms which would destroy the delicate new grapes. We have certainly had some torrential downpours with deafening thunder.

Yes the sky really was this dark over our house

We’ve never seen our swimming pool so full!

Matters to do with vines are made far more serious in our immediate area because probably 95% of the agriculture is simply vineyards. Some sort of agricultural diversification wouldn’t be a bad idea. Anyway, as we look into the final week of May it does look as if things are improving and the chance of rain is a little less than we’ve had. We may even get to use the newly replenished swimming pool again soon.

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