The Oppidum: the end of season

So, we have finally finished the third season of our labours up at the Taradeau oppidum. (There’s a good summary of the site and last year’s work on the Taradeau website. It’s in French, but there’s also a nice aerial view of what was achieved.) The wet weather this year has meant that we’ve all had to skip a number of weekends, but nevertheless it’s been a good year and we’ve made a lot of progress.

You can see one of the new paths and the outlines of the buildings.

In fact the recent Google Earth photos of Taradeau show a cleaned up oppidum very well. It may seem a rather amateur operation but it fact it’s worked well and very efficiently and we’ve been helped this year by gifts of extra machinery (strimmers and a chipper). The project is starting to get a bit of publicity. There’s a TV programme coming up on it soon and a visit by an archaeological team.

We’ve had to trim the vegetation on top of the walls several times this year.

making paths

Raking the chippings out to make paths. Alison is under the pink hat!

Yes, it’s been a bit of a pain getting up in order to meet by 7:45 especially in winter when the temperature has been hovering around zero. But it’s been good, we have made new friends, improved our French and played a part in the community. We like to think that when we went to the mayor’s office this week and they knew our names , that this reflects our involvement.

M. le Maire pays a visit on his tractor.

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