South Luberon, football and Boris

This is a final cluster of photographs from our trip to the Luberon, this time in the southern part. And yes do have something to say about the football, but the pretty pictures come first.

The cedar forest near Bonnieux was first planted in the 19th century with seeds from north African cedars. Today it has numerous marked trails to follow, some with botanical information.

Bonnieux from the cedar forest, showing the old ramparts

And here’s what some of the ramparts look like from inside the village, with houses in them that are still lived in.

And finally, we didn’t stay long in the village of Lourmarin which was crowded with tourists; it has a castle you can visit, but we gave it a miss on this occasion.

On the football

A local waiting for a match to start

We confess to being slightly relieved that Croatia beat England. This avoided divided loyalties had the final been between England and France. Actually, we probably would have shouted for France, which we certainly will do now. Where, you ask, is our “English” patriotism? The answer is that it is strained to the breaking-point and beyond. In all the discussions on Brexit, the situation of the very many British citizens living within the EU has almost entirely been ignored. With a theoretical date of 29th March next year for Britain leaving the EU it is scandalous that there has been no attempt whatsoever to provide for the legal status of people like us. Apparently it has even been alleged that someone in the government has said that they are the responsibility of the country they live in. Very well, if you want to forget about us, we hope you don’t mind if, when it comes to football, we forget about you.

In related news, we were delighted to hear of the departure of Boris Johnson from his position of British Foreign Secretary. His presence was not just adding insult to injury, it added embarrassment to it as well. Not long ago Chris met a German man in our Skoda garage and quite literally, within a minute, the German said,  in good English, “Your foreign secretary is an idiot”. To which the only honest reply Chris could make was “Yes”. Boris has been a particular problem for the French, who treat diplomacy with the utmost seriousness, knowing from bitter experience that failures in diplomatic action lead to deadly wars. Here ambassadors and the like seem to be trained to think silently for several seconds as they compose a careful, measured reply to any question even if it’s only “Would you like a coffee?” Can we please not have any more bungling amateurs with monumental egos representing the UK?

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