An excess of purple

Last September Alison joined an association based in Lorgues, the International Women’s Club of Provence (IWCP) and in fact has just been made secretary.  The club exists to provide friendship and social interaction and one way of doing this is by encouraging participation in different activities.

One of those activities is photography under the tuition of a former professional photographer who offered to share her knowledge with those who want to learn more about using a ‘proper’ camera. So since Alison joined she has been experimenting with shutter speeds, focal lengths and depth of field etc. As the practical to the course there was a trip to the lavender fields about an hour to the north of us. So here are some photographs and yes, the colours are like that.

We were six altogether including Chris, whose interest in photography goes back decades and obviously couldn’t miss such an event.

Chris taking a photo of the group

And this is the photo he took.

The lavender fields in full bloom are an amazing site and unsurprisingly we weren’t the only people taking photos.

These fields are situated on the far side of Lac Saite Croix and have as background the mountains at the edge of the Gorges du Verdon.

Photos, though wonderful, don’t convey the smell and the ceaseless sound of the bees among the flowers.


Oh and though the club is an International Women’s Club, the events aren’t all just for women. The men get to join in too, for instance on the walking and singing groups, and at other social get-togethers. Now that Alison has become secretary for the club you will doubtless hear more about the IWCP.

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