Courmettes Centenary Part 2

As we mentioned last week, we have just had the centenary celebrations for Courmettes. Last week we blogged on the many labours done for preparation. This week we want to give you some photos of events on the Saturday and next week we’ll cover the well-attended Sunday service. One reason why we have so many photos is that we were appointed as official photographers and it’s been gratifying to see the images being widely circulated.

A very full car park

Saturday was pretty hectic, with lots of events, starting with a sheepdog demonstration and there was also making bread in the wood oven, cooking in a solar oven for kids (sadly the weather meant the cookies had to be finished in an inside oven), various guided walks and talks on nature at Courmettes, demonstrations from the local beekeeper, and of course the exhibitions. Below is a small sample…

Didier Fischer, one of the shepherds at Courmettes, giving a sheepdog demonstration and below, people watching it

The buvette was open all day for drinks and snacks.

Clockwise from top left: making fougasse, an ancient beehive with a honey comb; Jean-François giving one of many announcements, and a talk on the natural history of Courmettes.

Stall for one of the big regional environmental organisations

What was particularly gratifying was to see various other organisations turning up and being represented. In France there are a multiplicity of organisations dealing with the countryside and sometimes it’s not easy to find out who exactly is doing what. In fact one of the less tangible achievements of the weekend (and one that will probably bear more fruit in the future) was the way in which we were able to deepen links with individuals and organisations.

Chris was planning to give his walk late in the afternoon, but by that point the weather had deteriorated.

And the rain came down!

However this didn’t detract from the evening’s events, which took place in the marquee. A Salvation Army band gave a concert, reflecting the fact that the pastor who bought Courmettes had strong Salvation Army links, followed by dancing with an electric folk/Provençal band.  It was a good day!

The Salvation Army band had come down from Paris to join the celebrations

Folk dancing in the marquee

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