Courmettes Centenary Part 3

On the Sunday morning of the Centenary there were a variety of small things on offer at Courmettes: with lots of people having church obligations it wasn’t the time to run major activities. The weather having improved from the Saturday afternoon Chris did his walk and talk down to the marsh, which was well received.

Getting ready for a walk

By lunchtime Courmettes was full of people having picnics.

Mid afternoon everyone assembled in the marquee for the centenary celebration.

In fact the marquee was so full that people put extra chairs outside at side and back.

There was the excellent Salvation Army band and a very talented Seventh Day Adventist music group.

In planning the service Jean-François had wanted to involve as many people as possible, particularly those from families or organisations that had links going back into the past. So it was fascinating that there were descendants of some of the “founding fathers” of Courmettes in its present form, and those who had been involved in all the decades since (see here for a brief history). Among the representatives of the French guides (Fédération Française des Eclaireuses) who ran Courmettes between 1937 and 1964 was one who had camped there as a 14-year old in 1939.

Former Guides singing a Guiding song

There were also representatives from local churches and national denominations. Chris was one of two Anglican representatives and used the opportunity to flaunt his Reader’s scarf (having borrowed our chaplain’s cassock and surplice).

And given that brevity is not a virtue in French culture its not surprising that we did overrun. But only by a little.

So, all in all,  it was an excellent series of events and has really helped put Courmettes on the map. Congratulations to all who were involved in setting it up! Your efforts were rewarded!

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