Christmas and Cannes

After last week’s text-heavy and deep blog, let’s make amends by some pretty pictures from Cannes, a town for which the adjective ‘deep’ is never ever used. These were taken over a variety of Saturdays and Sundays and reflect something of the bizarre, extravagant, occasionally charming, and sometimes appalling town where we go to church. What is missing are pictures of the filthy rich and, at the other end of the scale, the simply filthy. There are practical reasons for not photographing the first (they have expensive and aggressive lawyers) and there are moral reasons for not photographing the down and outs. It’s an interesting Christmas reflection that in many ways Cannes is a microcosm of the world with those who are doing very nicely thank you, and those who are desperately struggling. And, somehow, the church stands in the middle.

Work continues on the beaches by the famous Croisette. It’s not just the inhabitants who need a regular makeover.

Looking back across the Bay of Cannes from near the Palais des Festivals

Christmas means time for security and decorations.

Some of the most expensive shops seem to have odd ideas of Christmas decorations. Louis Vutton has gone to the desert; we’ve no idea where Dior thinks it is; Chanel has skipped Christmas to go on a summer cruise.

However the Carlton Hotel keeps to tradition with lots of lights and illuminated palm trees.


And finally, the Christmas market is still selling santons, the little figures for the Provencal nativity scene which remind everyone of what Christmas is really all about.

We won’t be blogging next week, but hope to start again in the New Year. In  the meantime, thanks for reading and our good wishes for the Christmas season and the New Year are heartfelt.

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1 Response to Christmas and Cannes

  1. Hilary Newman says:

    Wishing you both a happy Christmas and joy and peace throughout the new year, from Hilary and Clive.

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