For everything there is a season

The most important thing first. After four weeks of being in hospital, Chris’ father returned to his residential home, Bushell House and there after a few days, died peacefully of kidney failure. All very sad, although he had been in decline for some time. This is a good point to say how excellent a place Bushell House is; in the year that he had been there since Chris’ mother’s death he had had the best of care and the warmest of welcomes. so as you can imagine, we are busy organising the funeral, etc., and will be travelling to the UK for it.

Really what follows is a continuation of the miscellany theme that we had last week. The weather has continued to be dry although we did have a few drops of rain earlier this week. The result is a rather curious phenomenon, where the countryside appears to be schizophrenic. Parts of it look as if they are still in early spring, with blossom just beginning to come out, and other parts appear to be in high summer. It’s quite significant that near us the undergrowth near tracks in the wood has been cut down to the minimum to give something of a firebreak.

In other news, nine young people from our church are going to Uganda over summer to work with a school there (see here for more details). So last Sunday we had a St Patrick’s Day themed lunch which managed to raise $1,000 towards it. Some of the parents cooked and the young people served and helped wash up.

Finally, just as we were completing this blog, a box of books arrived. They are the newly published Jesus Christ: The Truth, which Chris has co-authored with J John. we are sure you can order copies from the Philo website or Amazon.

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