St Tropez in spring part 1

The Lorgues International Women’s group that Alison is involved with runs various social events and one recently was a coach trip to St Tropez for members and partners. This was too good an offer for both of us to miss, not least because the road to St Tropez is frequently congested and no pleasure to drive. Parking is also extraordinarily expensive. There was also the opportunity of having a guided tour around a town we’d visited on a number of occasions but missed various details. It also allowed us to get to know more people.

St Tropez port
This is the stereotypical view of St Tropez

The weather being very pleasant – St Tropez is definitely to be avoided on a hot summer’s day – we inevitably took lots of photographs. This week we thought we’d put in some of the port, which is many ways the heart of the town. Next week we’ll post some of the town itself. Despite being strangled by its popularity there is still much of charm in St Tropez. Mind you, part of the fun of going to ‘St Trop’ is watching the visitors. There is something about the place that generates a certain recklessness in dress sense and behaviour. But we restrained ourselves….

Fortunately at this time of year there are only a relatively small number of disgustingly large yachts in the port
Ironically sometimes the view of the port is blocked by paintings of it

The fish market. Part of the St Tropez culture is the existence of expensive restaurants for those with expensive tastes.

Despite the predominance of the extraordinarily ostentatious and state-of-the-art yachts, there are still reminders of the St Tropez of the past.

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