Sun and Stars in Cannes

Last week we posted some photos of the Cannes film festival in the rain. However the sun came out and apparently the films improved. We don’t usually visit Cannes during the festival apart from Sunday, but this year we had a church council meeting on the Thursday – not in hindsight, the wisest idea – so we took the opportunity to go early and take more photos. Here’s a selection.

The famous Croisette seemed to be full of black cars ferrying people to events.
And crowds gathering to watch the people who were getting into those cars
Even the mounted police were taking photos
Here’s who they were watching come out of the hotel. Recognise her? No, neither did we. But a bit of internet sleuthing turned up her name: Bianca Brandolini d’Adda dei conti di Valmareno. According to Wikepedia “a French-born Italian model, actress and socialite”. So now you know.

Some dresses work. Some just don’t.

The obligatory soldiers on security duty seemed to have designer sunglasses
And finally, that red carpet had obviously suffered from the rain. Three men are unrolling the new one down the steps. The guys on the left aren’t stars, they’re there to keep things in order.
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