The unmissables 2: Gorges du Verdon

OK so we know we have mentioned the spectacular Gorges du Verdon before in these blogs (just check the tags on the right), but when we’re talking about ‘unmissables’, this is surely one of the top ones.

We’ve visited the gorges again and again, and each time there is a ‘wow’ factor at the spectacular views. But it’s not just the cliffs of Europe’s deepest gorge, it’s the sight of flocks of griffon vultures or individual vultures seen at almost eye height.

Not photoshopped, honest, this really is about 40 vultures wheeling above the cliffs.
And the family watching those vultures

And then there’s the path down the gorge, which we’ve featured before, with its tunnels and spectacular views.

Oh and did we mention Lac Ste Croix, into which the Verdon river flows? You can hire a boat and go back up the river a certain way, seeing the cliffs from river level.

To be honest, it’s a bit of a haul to get to Verdon – over an hour on winding roads, some of which require very careful driving. The weather too can be tricky. It seems common for a sunny day to degenerate into spectacular mountain thunder and lightening. But after many visits, it never fails to arouse us to awe. Every visitor we have taken up has been impressed, although we could name one or two who have spent a considerable amount of time in the car with their eyes closed, clinging onto the door handle. Well we haven’t lost anyone. Yet.

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1 Response to The unmissables 2: Gorges du Verdon

  1. Júlio Reis says:

    The Gorges are nothing if not utterly spectacular! The roads were not that scary… we’ve had worse in southern France, including on the A75 driving down to Montpellier, with curves to the left leaning into the gorge on the right (what the Internet tells me is called “adverse camber”).

    We saw many great sights during our France roadtrip, but the Gorges du Verdon and then a swim at Lac Sainte Croix were the major highlight of our visit. Thank you! 🙂

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