Lavender time again

We have now got into the habit of driving north to the lavender fields at this time of year. A combination of soils and climate means the plateau to the west of Lac Sainte Croix (Plateau de Valensole) is just right for huge fields of lavender and barley.

The air is filled with the sound of bees, but there are also lots of butterflies which are extremely difficult to photograph…

Left: not a honey bee but an enormous blue Carpenter bee. Right: Chris managed to get this Sulphur butterfly with its wings open – not easy!

It’s extraordinarily spectacular but it seems that more and more people are coming to take photographs, not just of the lavender itself, but of themselves in the lavender. Lavender selfies are clearly a big thing!

By all accounts the lavender farmers are finding the increasing number of visitors something of nuisance.

We took our photos and slipped away for a quiet swim in the lake.

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