High summer (1)

Summer brings its usual share of odd sights down here. There’s something about the Côte d’Azur that unburdens otherwise sane people of their inhibitions and sometimes, their common sense too.

But lets start with a beach photo: here’s one of the newly refurbished public beaches in Cannes. How do you refurbish a beach you may ask? Answer, bring in lots of sand, extend the beach both towards the sea and along the bay, and then put in new steps and toilets. But it’s good because its gives the public more space at the expense of the wealthy: a rare example of égalité in practice. And by midday it’s full!

Cannes is a place you see lots of people taking selfies. But we’d never seen anyone try to take a selfie for their dog before. And, although it’s not uncommon to see dogs in pushchairs along the Croisette, a supermarket trolley with a dog is an unusual sight, even for Cannes. It could be remarked that only an ‘I’ stands between Cannes and canines.

On a more serious note, nine young people from our church and four adults (including our chaplain) have just got back from a two-week trip to Uganda to help in a development project. You can read about it on our church website – they managed to produce a blog themselves every day.

M. and Mme. Macron are currently only thirty miles away as the crow flies and turning up randomly at various local villages. Hopefully staying sane while idiocy reigns across the Channel. No sign of them in Taradeau yet but they’d be very welcome.

There are people for whom having an enormous yacht is not enough: they need a helicopter too.

Finally, for those of you following our planned move, here’s the latest. Having committed ourselves to buying the house in Lorgues, we were getting a little bit despondent about our present house being sold. However, we had the pleasant surprise of our Belgian neighbour saying his sister would be very interested in it; unfortunately she can’t come and visit until 22 August, but she’s sufficiently enthused that we’ve already signed a provisional contract with a get-out clause for her. So, for those of you who pray, two things: first, that she really would like this house and we can go from a provisional purchase to an agreed one, and second, even if the house is going to be sold we’re going to have to find well over €100,000 in the middle of October. Originally we had more than enough in our UK bank to cover this, but with the chaos now enveloping the UK even deeper, we are looking at exchange rates with a slight degree of unease.

Is it possible, we (and many others) wonder, that the whole Brexit strategy was deliberately designed to wreak the British economy and render the nation the laughing-stock of Europe? Unfortunately from here, that seems to have been what’s happened.

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