High summer (3)

As we come into the end of August there is a definite sense of things cooling down and we are seeing some of the first thunderstorms bubble up on the plateau to the north of us. Nevertheless it is still August, and the final migration northwards of the what seems to be the entire French nation (is there anybody left in Paris?) is not due until Saturday 31 August, with schools starting on the Monday. So, it’s a good time to look back on a cluster of wildlife photographs, some taken over a number of visits to Courmettes. Unfortunately but inevitably we’ve missed some of the things we have seen but not photographed: the wild boar running across the woodland path, the geckos scuttling around under the eaves, the flock of 40 Bee-eaters circling over the house, the three Rollers wheeling around as they chased insects. But let’s let these stand as a sample of what there is.

Next week we will update you on our move but for the meantime let’s stay with nature.

Swallowtail, Common Blue, Fritillaries, Painted Lady.
Emperor and Scarlet dragonflies near the pond at Courmettes
Humming-bird hawk moth: very difficult to photograph as they move so fast!
But here’s one that doesn’t move: beautiful teasel heads, again at Courmettes
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