As we have mentioned a couple of times in previous blogs, we are moving. Not very far, about 5 miles away (if you still use miles) and a couple of hundred metres higher, to Lorgues.

Lorgues from just above our new house

The rationale for the move has been that we realised that we either do a substantial amount of work on our present house, or we sell it and buy something more suitable for the long term. After endless discussion, it became apparent that no modifications to our present house would remove two key problems: a shortage of space (all those books!) and the steep and winding stairs.

Boxes and packing materials…

Although we have greatly enjoyed being in Taradeau it doesn’t have a lot of facilities and you need to get in a car to get a dentist, a doctor, a choice of restaurants or a pharmacy. Lorgues is much bigger and has multiple doctors, dentists, pharmacies, a good bookshop a cycle repairman as well as probably about 20 restaurants (some of which we are never going to be able to afford to go to). It’s also a very different kind of town, partly because it has so many visitors and resident foreigners that a lot of people have second-language English (in Taradeau, if anyone hasa second language, it’s Provençal).

Buying and selling is complicated here, so the game plan is that on Monday at 7 am the removal company is coming to take everything up to be stored in the garage of the house we are moving to. On Tuesday we clear up and sign to sell our present house. On Wednesday we sign to buy the new house. All being well we will show you pictures of the move next week. It’s going to be a busy few days!

Street in the older part of Lorgues
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1 Response to Leaving

  1. Hilary Newman says:

    Hope you are now getting settled into your new home and enjoying the extra space and the amenities of Lorgues. Best wishes for the future, Hilary and Clive

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