Lockdown post No. 5: Lorgues in “confinement”

There is a definite feeling here that the lockdown is heading towards its end. It’s partly the reasonably clear detailing of the French government about what will happen after 11 May, but also a vague sense of a loosening up: there are more people out and about, a few more vapour trails and there seems to be much more noise of construction and building to be heard from the town.

People taking their permitted exercise along the old railway line.

One interesting feature of the government’s plans centres on the existence of the French departéments, which are in almost every way much stronger than the British counties. The idea is that every day a map will be issued allocating a colour (red or green) to each department which will tell you what you can, and can’t, do. This will be based on number of cases of COVID-19 and the ability of local hospitals to handle them. The final versions of the maps will not be issued for another week; at the moment here in the Var (83, in the bottom right-hand corner) we are orange, a provisional indeterminate status. The whole thing however depends on the continuing decline in number of daily deaths and infections which, at the time of writing, are about a third of those in the UK.

Meanwhile spring continues and we have had a very welcome day of rain which is making everything wonderfully green. The rain, coupled with the absence of traffic and other pollution, has given the air a tremendous clarity.

We posted a similar photo last week but this one of Le Vieux Cannet with the Massif des Maures behind, from our house , is particularly clear.

Finally, Alison made a foray into Lorgues and en route took some phone photographs of the silent streets. Hopefully, not for much longer.

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