Déconfinement No. 1

To everyone’s relief, here in France we have started the process of déconfinement and under certain restrictions are now allowed to go out and about. There is a great deal of caution (and a lot of face masks) about as well as a certain anxiety lest the numbers of infections and deaths start to rise again. Nevertheless it does mean we’ve had slightly more of a normal week.

First of all, to pick up on two things from last week, we had two of the scheduled workmen around, for the pool and the solar water heater. The water heater man got up on the roof and confirmed what we had suspected: our resident dormice had chewed the cable to the temperature gauge. He replaced it with a, hopefully, unpalatable aluminium-covered cable. But it has increased our resolve to try and get rid of the dormice. Whether it is the dormice that were responsible for this extraordinary hole under the fig tree we’re not sure.

One other new resident that emerged this week was a rather fine slow worm which had been hiding under the pile of garden material that had accumulated during confinement.

The weather has been peculiarly wet and stormy for mid May, something for which everybody is grateful. We had to make a trip to the coast to check on a friend’s property, and the seas were very rough indeed.

The rain however has been splendid for the garden. The fig tree that was badly affected by the late frosts in March has recovered well and our vines (which we should have pruned over winter) have erupted in foliage.

As for so many people, church continues to be virtual. We are however beginning to look for the way forward when (and if) déconfinement proves to be effective. The general feeling however is that it’s going to be a long road back to any sort of normality.

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  1. We had Loir a few years ago. We were made aware of them when our family visited and reported hearing “elephants in the loft” during the small hours.

    Then, whilst investigating a strange odour in our buanderie, I discovered a small nest in our electricity fuse box. Using a cunning plan, I managed to grab four individuals as they slept and trapped them in a metal dustbin (they were very cross). I managed to catch three more with a humane trap baited with walnuts.

    They were all evicted into a forest a few km away.

    We had some overhanging tree branches cut down and we’ve never been troubled since.

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