Déconfinement 2: out and about, locally

It might have been assumed that with the loosening of confinement that we would immediately head over the hills and far away. Well, we didn’t do that. There were two reasons: the first was that we had a ‘must buy’ list of things to get for the house which went back nearly two months. The second was that the weather was wet and not conducive to travelling a long way.

Saturday we made a quick trip up to the lovely old village of Tourtour and did a short walk to the Grimaldi Tower (end 12th century), which overlooks the rolling wooded plain below. Yes, we’ve been there before, but it’s always pleasant, especially when you’ve been cooped up for eight or so weeks. (The pictures below show the tower, Chris taking photos, and one of the photos he took.)

The Sunday afternoon we just drove to some quiet lanes not far away and wandered along them taking lots of photographs of wonderful flowers, butterflies and beetles.

Weatherwise, things are very much on the cusp between spring and summer, and the flowers are absolutely fantastic. But it is very much the end of spring, something that in many ways we feel we have missed seeing very much of. Although the weather was grey and wet for the first part of this week, daytime temperatures have risen rapidly and are now heading towards 30°C – that’s rather too high for May.

In general there is a real sense of confinement ending. Although everybody is wearing masks in Lorgues, it’s lost its resemblance to a ghost town, and when were in Friday morning Chris saw some of the Police Municipale discussing with a bar owner how it could be opened up in the near future. We did both manage to get our hair cut but despite a big notice saying that in the interests of health, clients shouldn’t engage in conversation, the coiffeuse was delighted to see us and chatted away from behind her mask all the time. Everyone in France is awaiting the infection numbers over the next few days, and there is a desperate hope that there will be no second wave. If there is, there’s going to be a very real reluctance to going back to being locked down.

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