About the blog

Chris and Alison Walley set up this blog in 2014 with the aim of posting news to keep friends in touch with what we were going to be doing in our ‘retirement’. We have not actually retired, we have just moved to other forms of work, though a lot of what we’re doing is unpaid. Specifically, we took up roles as volunteers with the Christian conservation group A Rocha.

After moving to France in July 2014 we were based for six months at the A Rocha site Les Courmettes, high in the hills (830m) above Nice. You will find lots of information about Courmettes on this blog, and you can also look at the Courmettes website (it will come up in French: English readers please click the “English” button at top right) for lots of photos showing events that take place there and for current events (usually in French only, even from the English version of the site).

Despite moving to live in the department of the Var, first in Taradeau, now in Lorgues, Chris and Alison are still linked with Courmettes, and Chris is on the Administrative Council (Conseil d’Administration) of A Rocha France. We regularly help out at Courmettes. We are also heavily involved in the church family of the English-language Holy Trinity Church Cannes. Again, you will find out more about all these things on the blog.

Finally, please note that all the opinions in these blogs are our own, and not necessarily those of A Rocha or any other organisation. All photos are copyright the blog authors.

1 Response to About the blog

  1. Angharad Brown says:

    Just asking Andrew this morning how to be notified of new posts on your blog, and the answer was at the end of your post page all along!

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