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November miscellany

We were hoping that today would see a promised snowfall. However, we’ve had to settle for rain instead. Still, we’re grateful for this. After seven months with barely a millimetre of rain, everywhere is incredibly parched, including our local river, … Continue reading

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The French elections part one

We promise to return to pretty pictures fairly soon but given the significance of the French presidential contest we thought it might be worth making some observations from down here. The ‘down here’ bit is significant because most of the … Continue reading

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Oppidum and opportunities

What with travelling to the UK and rather grey weather here, we haven’t strayed far afield lately. We have however continued to be busy. One thing has been our continuing involvement in the work of clearing the Taradeau oppidum where … Continue reading

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Return to the Oppidum

What with one thing and another, we weren’t able to join in the first couple of this season’s Saturday morning work parties at the Taradeau oppidum, the fortified settlement that goes back to the time of Asterix. However we have … Continue reading

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