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A December miscellany

We ended last week’s blog with a mention of the emergency services and the words “ready for the next time”. They were, as it turns out, uncomfortably prophetic because the day after we published the blog the heavens opened again, … Continue reading

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The aftermath of the deluge

We finished writing last week’s blog around 5 o’clock on the Saturday just as the worst of the torrential rain ended. The extent of the damage to both life and property didn’t however really become apparent until Sunday or the … Continue reading

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Settling into Lorgues

As we have mentioned in many previous blogs, we made a deliberate effort to get involved in the community in Taradeau, and on the whole this proved to be very successful. It did however take time, partly because Taradeau is … Continue reading

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Moving on and moving in

We presume that most people who are reading this saw last week’s blog on the South African tragedy which took the lives of three good friends. In fact that blog got taken up by A Rocha International (see their blog) … Continue reading

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As we have mentioned a couple of times in previous blogs, we are moving. Not very far, about 5 miles away (if you still use miles) and a couple of hundred metres higher, to Lorgues. The rationale for the move … Continue reading

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Sanary-sur-Mer part 2

Last week we gave some pictures and text about our visit to Sanary-sur-Mer, and focused specifically on the seafront. That, however is not the limit of Sanary’s charms. There are, for example, some charming side streets and small shops, which … Continue reading

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Sanary-sur-Mer part 1

For almost as long as we have been down here, we have come across references to Sanary-sur-Mer, which, the sat-nav program tells us, is a mere hour’s drive away. Hitherto, we’ve avoided making the trip. The main reason for this … Continue reading

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