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Manmade disasters and Malpasset

Recently Chris took one of the geologists from Wheaton College around the area of Courmettes  to look at the possibility of running a field course  down here. Maybe. But we were reminded twice this week of  one part of the … Continue reading

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Nice and Courmettes

We had our elder son and family here for their half-term recently. It’s a good time to come with youngsters: the pool has warmed up to the point where you can spent a couple of hours in it – which … Continue reading

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Sainte Baume

What with family visiting and other responsibilities,we have been very busy for the last few weeks We did however have a walk we meant to blog about since we’ve done it twice, so now’s a good time. The Massif of … Continue reading

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Walking by the lake

We’ve just come back from the UK. Unlike our trips in March, this was a planned visit to see our parents. Chris’ mum and dad are pretty much settled into a care home that’s very near where they used to … Continue reading

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The French elections part one

We promise to return to pretty pictures fairly soon but given the significance of the French presidential contest we thought it might be worth making some observations from down here. The ‘down here’ bit is significant because most of the … Continue reading

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Cap Lardier

After the panics of March, the subsequent catching up on work and the family visit in early April, it was rather nice to have a visitor this week and do four days of walking in our area. Contrary to the … Continue reading

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A brief blog

Owing to some family crises (email us if you want to know more), we thought we’d just post some pictures from our garden. We succeeded in eradicating all the small aloe plants which spring from this giant one. Note the … Continue reading

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