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January weather

As we’ve mentioned frequently in passing, the lack of rainfall over the last twelve months has been a real source of concern in the Mediterranean margin of France. In fact rainfall figures in this area have been declining for a … Continue reading

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November miscellany

We were hoping that today would see a promised snowfall. However, we’ve had to settle for rain instead. Still, we’re grateful for this. After seven months with barely a millimetre of rain, everywhere is incredibly parched, including our local river, … Continue reading

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Cannes: the City of Promises

There are two high seasons in Cannes: the first is the brief manic intensity of the late spring film festival. The second is the much more protracted, but only marginally less insane, summer period. It seems that in the same … Continue reading

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The Cannes Film Festival at 70

Yes, the film festival celebrates its 70th birthday this year, and as we mentioned in a previous blog, has been advertising that fact for some time. It is however in several senses a nervous 70th birthday. There is understandable and … Continue reading

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Cannes makes preparations

After a hectic and profoundly stressful three weeks involving two successive crisis visits to a frequently cloudy and chill UK we were rather hoping to come back to a sun-drenched south of France where we could relax and de-stress in … Continue reading

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Things to ban in Cannes

We did promise not to blog about burkinis but two points are probably now worth making. First, the whole thing is essentially a battle between a state that thinks it’s replaced religion and a religion that thinks it ought to … Continue reading

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Regionally and internationally the two big events for us have been the Nice atrocity of 14 July and of course, Brexit. Last Sunday we came to terms with something of the aftermath of both. When it comes to security Cannes … Continue reading

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