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Given that the winter months down here are December, January and February there was something very appropriate about the first winter storms occurring on Saturday 2nd December. As regular readers will know everybody here has been desperately anxious for precipitation … Continue reading

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November miscellany

We were hoping that today would see a promised snowfall. However, we’ve had to settle for rain instead. Still, we’re grateful for this. After seven months with barely a millimetre of rain, everywhere is incredibly parched, including our local river, … Continue reading

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A backward look at autumn

Finally, after the long dry summer and autumn, it looks as if winter is on its way. For the next couple of weeks the Météo is actually predicting some days when the sun will not shine unbroken from dawn to … Continue reading

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Clocking up train miles with adventures en route

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Monday last week Chris took the train from a dry brown Provence to a moist green Brittany to meet up with some A Rocha people and look at a potential project. Maybe! Wednesday, … Continue reading

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Autumn cycles 2

Since we wrote last week’s blog we have had a bit of rain and the temperatures have dropped. It will soon be time to light the fire! But before we switch into winter mode we ought to mention another of … Continue reading

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Autumn cycles 1

Although the clouds are gathering overhead, we are still waiting for our first rain since April. Everyone is somewhat concerned – the ground is like concrete, a number of trees and bushes seem to be in an unhealthy state and … Continue reading

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Bon voyage!

Bon voyage! It’s a good phrase isn’t it? But if you were to take a journey in rural France in the Middle Ages, you’d definitely want something more than good wishes for a long journey along roads where the rules … Continue reading

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