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An Inclement May

Astonishingly it has continued to be rather cold, cloudy and wet this month. Here of course excess rain (in moderation) is something of a blessing rather than a curse and the result has been an extraordinary explosion of plants and … Continue reading

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Avoiding Cannes Film Festival

At the end of two weeks in which the phrase “Cannes Festival” has not been far away from the front page of the world’s press, we have a terrible confession to make. Along with almost everybody in our church, a … Continue reading

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Church events

We don’t usually devote a whole post to church events, even though we are heavily involved in Holy Trinity Church Cannes, but this week is the exception. Why? Well first, Chris was officially licensed as a lay reader last Sunday. … Continue reading

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Caring for Courmettes

Weather-wise things have been very strange here. After one short day in which the temperature was warm enough for us to swim in the pool, rain and cloud has continued. In one sense we are very grateful for this – … Continue reading

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Spring retrospective

Last week we were in the UK to see our remaining parents and for the interment of Chris’ mum’s ashes. Meteorologically it was all very curious. We left the south of France still struggling into early spring and we came … Continue reading

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Sillans-la-Cascade and the tidying up of France

One of the many little villages that stud the rolling and wooded expanse of countryside to the north of us is Sillans-la-Cascade. You don’t need a vast insight into the French language to expect a cascade or waterfall here and … Continue reading

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Climate Change(s)

Chris came across some discussion on the web this week about whether it was better to talk about Global Warming or Climate Change. He cautiously prefers the term “climate change” because it carries with it the idea that global warming … Continue reading

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