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Gilets jaunes

As most of you will probably be aware, France is passing through a period of considerable turbulence. Somehow, seemingly out of a clear blue sky, an enormous groundswell of negative opinion has erupted about the government and specifically about M. … Continue reading

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Climate Change(s)

Chris came across some discussion on the web this week about whether it was better to talk about Global Warming or Climate Change. He cautiously prefers the term “climate change” because it carries with it the idea that global warming … Continue reading

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Christmas preparations, a death and a president

Rather to our surprise we suddenly find ourselves less than a dozen days to Christmas. No less surprising is the fact that, at the end of December, we will have been in our house here in Taradeau for three years. … Continue reading

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Chill winds

Those of you who have been shivering in the UK may be comforted to know that it’s not been very warm here. On the contrary! With exception of a couple of decent weeks we’ve had a lot of cloud, rain … Continue reading

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The French elections part one

We promise to return to pretty pictures fairly soon but given the significance of the French presidential contest we thought it might be worth making some observations from down here. The ‘down here’ bit is significant because most of the … Continue reading

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Selective visions of France

We have had number two son and family here last week. Their first child, Thomas, is three and of an age where all he wants is to go to the beach. And so for six days we obliged, including Cannes, … Continue reading

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